"Lucas-ite" Culture

Lucas-ite: (n) Any current or former member of the Lucas Lab. A play on the word "leukocyte." origin: Andrew Takeda

The Lucas Lab not only strives for scientific excellence but also works to create an environment based on camaraderie and respect. We balance our hard work at the bench with fun times at lab events. Building a team environment is crucial to the success of our members and therefore our science! 

Laboratory Outings and Other FUN!  

Although we spend most of our days in the lab, there are plenty of times when you may catch all of us outside of lab enjoying some weekend science, stories, food, and laughs! (Don't be fooled...we work a lot, but we also have fun at lab!) 


We love to celebrate lab members' birthdays....especially if there are cakes!!! 


We don't like seeing members of our lab leave...but when they do, we try to have them go out in style with a proper farewell!